Handmade Alpaca Products

Did you know?

  • Alpaca is 7 times warmer than wool!
  • It is softer than cashmere!
  • And is hypoallergenic!

One of the world’s most luxurious fibers, it is prized for its unique silky feel.

These rare and amazing animals lived in extremely high elevations, with cold climate and harsh conditions where other domestic animals could not survive.  They developed a coat with microscopic air pockets that yields a high insulation value for lightweight but extremely warm garments.  This cashmere-like fleece has long been known as the “Gold of the Andes”.  For thousands of years in the Peruvian highlands, this fleece was reserved for Incan Royalty only.

The Abbey now offers this wonder fiber to you.

Our online store offers scarves, gloves, hats, socks, and more.  Let the Little Sisters and Brothers of the Abbey wrap you in warmth and luxury.  Free shipping within USA.

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